The company has always enjoyed a small, close-knit group. We make cool software for things like blocking robocalls, call recording, and unmasking blocked numbers.

As we add more products to our successful lineup, it's time to invite new faces and fresh perspectives to our family. I know -- every company wants to call itself a family when it suits them, then treat you like an employee the rest of the time. I've been there. But give me a chance...

What we're looking for a back-end developer. Go is the primary language. Knowledge of Python and Django is also helpful. You don't have to be an expert in Go, but if you enjoy the language and would like an opportunity to do it full time, check us out.

Our stack:

  • Go
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux servers

What we're offering:

  • A very cool, loft-style office environment
  • On-site cook with meals served throughout the week
  • On-site gym with trainer (currently professional yoga instructor twice a week)
  • Flat management structure -- go talk to the CEO any time you want
  • Make a difference! We're too small to micromanage -- you'll need to take ownership of your product
  • Friendly, smart people. The kind of people you'd attend a meetup just to hang out with
  • Telecommute every Friday!

We're located in South Amboy, NJ. Right by the train station.